Meet the Board

Board of Directors

Tara Kilcullen, a board member of NDIA Central Florida.

Tara Kilcullen

Zygos Consulting

Sean Osmond, a board member of NDIA Central Florida.

Sean Osmond

Executive Vice President
BI Simulations

Rick Goree, a board member of NDIA Central Florida.

Rick Goree


Wells Barlow, a board member of NDIA Central Florida.

Sara Dechmerowski

Unity Technologies

Executive Committee

Angela Alban
Director, Government Relations

Wells Barlow
Outgoing Chapter President/Advisor
AITC, Inc.

Debbie Berry
Director, Past President, Industry Liaison, I/ITSEC Golf, CPAG
Lockheed Martin

Robert Biggers
Co-Director, Industry Liasion and I/ITSEC Golf

Mike Callis
Director, Policy

James “Coop” Cooper
Director, Membership and Communications

Kristi Evans
WID CFL Advisor
Lockheed Martin

Neal Finkelstein
NCS Advisor
National Center for Simulation 

Rebecca Granger
Director, Small Business Advocacy, Elections Support
Alliance Cyber

Marnita Harris
WID CFL President & Advisor

Scott Hooper
Director, Chapter of Excellence
BI Simulations 

Carol Ann Logue
Director, Academia Relations, ETI and Luncheons 
University of Central Florida

Denise Nicholson 
Director, STEM/Grants/Scholarships 

Joe O’Connell
Director, Past President, Special Projects & Elections
JL O’Connell & Associates, LLC

Lindsay Spalding 
NCS Advisor
National Center for Simulation

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